Monday, March 15, 2004

We all float down here Georgie.

These are not paid actors! OK, but by not paid actors we mean, we paid them to act. The administration apparently made a whole bunch of crap up again, this time by hiring actors to pose as journalists and support new medicare laws. Even the administration lawyers say there are "notable omissions and other weaknesses" in these ads. Great job guys!!

American cluture already taking over Iraq!! In a South Central influenced hit, 3 US civilians were shot and killed in Iraq by a drive-by. The news that the killers were blaring Tu-Pac songs was unconfirmed at press time.

China waves its finger at Taiwan. Nobody pays attention. In a relatively unintersting story. China once again warns Taiwan that it shouldn't try for independance. OK, now lets think about this situation. Taiwan is self governed and has been for 50 years. They have their own currency and passports. To go to mainland china they require a passport. Think about, even China treats them like a seperate country except for their whole renegade province line. Just let it go China.