Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Everyday, Wake Up To A New Bombing In Iraq...

The Serpent, The Rainbow, The Mass of Freaked-Out White People One of the most bizarre effects of the Haitian coup/revolt/whatever is the inability of the American press to not mention voodoo in relation to the Caribbean nation. Last night on the "no spin zone" Bill O'Reilly dragged out one of his decade-old clips from Inside Edition (!) that described how the Hatian populace is held down by the power of Voodoo. Witness this article from The Salt Lake Tribune (thank God we don't live in Utah) that traces the start of the revolt to a Voodoo ceremony and lays the blame for the nation's poverty on their 18th century slave revolt. Instead of zombie killers from Mars, this AlterNet article gives a much better background to Haiti's latest woes.

Like High School Didn't Suck Enough, Part II An assistant principal at a Michigan high school admitted to planting drugs on a student in the hopes of getting him expelled. Like all losers in high school that get busted for drugs, the assistant principal stressed to the police that this was his first and only time experimenting with drugs.

Hugo Chavez, Te Amo You've got to love Venzuela's president, Hugo Chavez. First the man sends books to the "illiterate" Condi Rice, and now he calls George Bush "an asshole." The referendum process in Venezuela is headed for collapse as opposition forces are trying a bullshit California/Governator style recall to oust the democratically elected Chavez. (Apparently the recall is this year's new black for the coup industry.) For those not in the know, the documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" that covered the failed coup that tried to oust Chavez is fantastic and WELL worth the viewing.

Ever Wanted A Really Slick Way To Smear Kerry As A Jew...?

-The Sikh Geek