Tuesday, March 23, 2004

And in a few million years it would start up again, probably with the bees...

And If This Upsets Your View Of USA Today As A Worthy Newsource, Then You REALLY Have Problems. USA Today is the latest newspaper to fall in with the latest journalistic trend: making shit up. McNews' Jack Kelly was recently discovered to have made at least eight (according to USA Today's own count) stories up. Kelly, who was recently listed as faculty for the World Journalism Institute, which trains Christians to be journalists, has been quoted as saying, "I feel God's pleasure when I write and report. It isn't because of the glory, but because God has called me to proclaim truth, and to worship him and serve through other people." Apparantly God called on Kelly to make up a Pakistani youth who held up a photo of the Sears Tower and sneered "This one is mine," and a Jewish settler who declared war on the "sons of Arab whores" before firing into a Palestinian taxi cab. I'm sure he'll inhabit the same ring of the inferno with the PR firm who made up the Kuwati infant incubator story. With the state of the media as it is, it might not be entirely ridiculous to suggest that the average person would be more informed by not watching or reading any news.

Low-Carb Diets: A Threat To The Unborn And Stupid The director of the Motherisk program at a Toronto hospital has warned that the trend of low-carb diets like Atkins and South Beach could lead to a surge in devestating birth defects and childhood cancers. Bread, pasta, cereal and orange juice, history's greatest monster in low-carb world, are essential sources of folic acid, a micronutrient key to fetal neurological development. My God, while in an ocean of convenience, plenty and opulance and we are having a resurgance of third-world and 18th century deficiancies because people are too lazy to eat less or exercise more. Since when did orange juice become unhealthy?

Is This Why All Those Palestinians Are So Uptight? An article from the UK Guardian details the forced eviction of a Palestinian family at the hands of armed Jewish settlers. If I may quote my Israeli-expatriate friend Yuval, "They're all fucking crazy there."

-The Sikh Geek