Monday, March 01, 2004

They've Got a Pepper Bar

God Already Voiced His Dislike, Now It's Satan's Turn
During production of Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" both actor Jim Caviezel (who plays Jesus) and an assistant director were struck by lightning, poignantly conveying God's disgust with the whole affair. Now it seems that the Prince of Darkness (no, not Richard Pearle) has weighed in with his opinion too. A movie theatre in Rome, GA has been printing out "Passion" tickets with the prefix "666" on them. Anyone who's Catholic or has ever listened to Iron Maiden will know that the Book of Revelations identifies that as the "number of the beast", aka. the anti-Christ. Naturally some little old ladies have voiced their concern with these demonic tickets and have characterized the apparent computer snafu as "inappropriate." Not like making a virulently Jew-hating film isn't.

"Pull the pine cone out of your collective butts, you bunch of misguided uptight puritans"
Once again The Smoking Gun has done it's patriotic duty, this time giving us a look at some of the support/hate mail the FCC has received in the wake of Janet Jackson's "Hootergate." Make sure you read #15, home of this priceless line, "How utterly prudish and disappointing for the FCC to be involved with CBS' "punishment" of everyone involved... when 20 yards away on their "family event" there are cheerleaders whose every costume stitch and dance move is designed to highlight their galloping gazungas as if they were on a trampoline."

For 20 Bucks, What Did You Expect?
Anyone who has ever done time in Boston, New York, or Philly knows the agony and the ecstasy of the Chinatown bus. For those who don't, the story goes like this: a few years ago a private bus company, named Fung Wah, began offering non-stop service between New York and Boston for $25 round-trip (Greyhound was at around $72). Impoverished college students soon caught on and some what of a phenomenon was born. This of course spawned a multitude of competitors that actually forced Fung Wah to lower it's price to an unbelievable $20 (and in turn Greyhound to $50). As this article reports, apparently the competition has turned nasty as two employees of Chinatown bus services have been murdered since October 2003 and police suspect that competitors may be responsible. MC No Shame has himself been reluctantly riding the Chinatown bus for a few years now and has often wanted to kill himself mid-trip. You just have to keep reminding yourself, "it's only 20 bucks, it's only $20..."

- MC No Shame