Tuesday, March 30, 2004

As Karl Rove Quickly Installs A Fence...

Like Steven King, But Actually Frightening Since 1990, the number of "dead zones" in the world's oceans has doubled. Dead zones are large areas of ocean in which sewage, pollutants and fertilizer run-off have killed off oxygen-consuming algae, suffocating and killing off the fish in that area. There are almost 150 dead zones spread out over the entire planet, some with sizes of 27,000 square miles. Last week someone said n TV that mercury in tuna will be a major presidential campaign issue. I thought the comment was a joke until I read about the possibility of humanity killing the fucking ocean.

I Am Shocked Undercover police in Michigan were sent to monitor anti-war meetings and rallies last year when opposition to the Iraqi War was mounting. According to the AP, "the officers were assigned to the demonstrations because authorities had received information that activists planned illegal measures such as blocking downtown traffic." I wonder if they would have launched targeted assassinations if there were murmurs of jaywalking.

FactCheck Acts As Our Campaign Ad Bullshit Filter

India Tries to Recapture Some of That Rushdie-Fatwa Magic... Indian officials are seeking the arrest of an American scholar, claiming that he has smeared a 17th century warrior named Shivaji in his recent book. Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee is looking to extend the ban of the book "Shivaji: The Hindu king in Islamic India" to all of India saying at a campaign rally, "We not only condemn it, but also warn the foreign author not to play with our national pride." The author, James Laine, a professor of religious studies at Macalester College in Minnesota said, "It is obvious that the politicians who are behind this are doing it to make political capital." I think Professor Laine needs to include the possibility that BJP and other Hindu nationalists are just fucking nuts. They are also trying to ban a book written 60 years ago by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first fucking prime minister of India.

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