Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Look at Chalabi signing the Iraqi constitution and feel sick...

Kerry Smear Watch From the same people who brought you the infamous Willie Horton ad comes a spoof Mastercard ad attacking Kerry on such important issues as how much his hair cuts and shirts cost. It seems that in a rush to get the "Nascar Dad" vote (what a horrible term), the Bush team is trying to smear Kerry as some fancy, rich-boy millionaire from New England who went to Yale, which is, um, exactly the same as Bush's background. Well, at least Drudge can attack Kerry for swearing a lot on his website!

Stupid Assholes At PETA Watch Well, it didn't take PETA long to top their most recent horribly offensive ad campaign. Now the animal rights group is running an ad with a picture of a pig and the words "He died for your sins. Go vegetarian." The "Christian vegan campaign director" apparantly sees no problem with comparing the death of Jesus Christ and the spiritual salvation of over a billion people on the planet to a pig. I'm sure Christians will flock to this ad like a nail necklace...

MoveOn Told To Move On The Republican National Committee is warning TV stations across the country not to run anti-Bush ads by the group MoveOn.org, claiming that they violate election laws.

Pot Calling The Kettle Black Gentlemen, Pot Calling The Kettle Black Changing their story ever so slighty, the US has backed away from their claim that they didn't help to oust Aristide, to explaining why they allowed him to fall as rebels advanced on the country. Said State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, "We can't be called upon, expected or required to intervene every time there is violence against a failed leader. We can't spend our time running around the world and the hemisphere saving people who botched their chance at leadership." Um, like Iraq sir?

Finally, Some Justice The bastard asshole son of Ted Williams who froze his father's body under shady and greedy circumstances, died at the age of 35. Sniff. Sniff.

-The Sikh Geek