Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Five Member Board of Truth Breaking Up A Mickey Mouse Company of Falsehood

Voting Is For Old People! And So Is The Exploitation Of Hipster Fuck-Faces! Remember that story about Urban Outfitter's "Voting is for Old People" t-shirt? Turns out that the leader of the over-calculated slackerati mecca is a wicked conservative ex-hippie (never trust those bastards) named Dick Hayne, who recently contributed $13,000 to Dick Santorum's political action committee. Punk Rock!

The War On Terror Snags Another Gigantic Victory A blame-America-first, freedom-hating, Saddam-kissing bastard from Norway was taken down while attacking the US embassy in Oslo. He won't be drunkenly throwing snowballs at our Homeland's embassy from a distance again...

As If High School Didn't Suck Enough, Part IV A high school in the Tampa area is considering a $2 million system that would fingerprint ID each student as they board their bus. Coupled with a GPS system on the bus, the surveillance system would allow administrators to monitor the presence and position of each student, some as young as five-years old.

As If High School Didn't Suck Enough, Part V This website for a Springfield, VA group called Zero Tolerance Nightmares, describes all of the headaches given to students and their parents by overzealous school boards. Thank God I'm long since graduated.

Finally, Some Flattering, Bullshit Photoshopped Lies About Kerry...

-The Sikh Geek can't take that stupid Jet song anymore