Tuesday, March 23, 2004

god's an astronaut, oz is over the rainbow, and midian is where the monsters live

street by street! block by block!!!so smoking, beyond making you stink like hell and turning you're teeth and unattractive shade of yellow, is unhealthy in an all new way now. No, i'm not talking about the old news of smoking gives you lung cancer or something like that, I'm talking about how smoking makes your brain rot. Apparently a smoker loses his mental facilities at a 5 times faster rate than that of a non-smoker in their elderly years. That's why all those old people at Dunkin Donuts in the morning are all creepy isn't it?

Brazillians: fiesty and clever!! at a recent war protest in Brazil, protesters released the greatest tool ever in the war against the war on terror: The "deception dollar". Basically it's a one dollar bill modeled item with bush on it and it refers to 9-11. Check out the pictures!!

Election Fraud and a long, drawn out recount? hmmm, sounds familiar. So it seems, Taiwan is having some troubles. The president is shot and then wins the election by a mere 30,000 votes which the opposition party claims is based on vote fraud. Over 300,000 votes were declared invalid in the election so who really knows. The opposition calls for a recount but it appears they will stall this one out until it goes away. Hmmm, apparently someone is taking cues from America on elections now. Now all Taiwan needs to do is illegally invade some country for no reason, YAY!!!!!

Me too dudes, me too. Here is a story from the UK that tells of a family leaving the country after their son died in the war against Iraq. Now this is a line of thinking i can understand. Look for me in my next appearance in Japan right after the impending 2nd Reign of Bush II.