Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Kobe to Victim: You are a Slut, You Deserved It
Ok, so that may not literally be what the defense team has said, but in asking the court to ignore the rape shield statute the effect is the same. Rape shield laws were written in the rules of evidence over the last thirty years or so to keep defense attorneys from dredging up a victim’s sexual history because it can prejudice a jury by implying that if she had lots of sex before then she must have wanted it. The defense team here is trying to do just that, saying that the rape shield law is unconstitutional. How anyone can do this with a clean conscience is beyond me.

This is Just a Sad Story
First off, for those of you not up on your basketball, this is not Jason Williams the racist homophobe, or Jason Williams the bad driver, but rather Jayson Williams the (alleged) manslaughterer. Jayson Williams was always one of my favorite guys playing in the NBA. He grew up in poverty, and from all accounts had a pretty hard life. When he was about 19 both of his sisters died of AIDS stemming from a bloody home invasion robbery. He adopted their kids while still in college. Later, while in the NBA, he ran a nightclub and let punk kids book shows there. Now it seems that he accidentally shot someone and tried to cover it up. It’s really too bad.

Go to School, Do not Collect $200
I am really fucking tired of hearing people complain about high school kids going directly into the NBA. How can you tell an ADULT to pass up a multi-million dollar contract to play a game and instead to go to college so that the institution can make millions off of him while he risks permanent injury and the loss of the multi-million dollar payday. Would people tell the computer nerd to turn down a similar contract to go to college? I really think there is an underlying racist element here and a fear of black people with money.

C-Webb Returns
Had to throw this in since the Kings, now almost completely healthy, should be making a run for the championship, crushing the evil Lakers in their path. And they won’t have to forfeit any games, unlike Webber’s college team, or possibly his high school team.

-Lil' Antonin, 6"2' frustrated shooting guard