Thursday, March 18, 2004

MLWL Is A Pimp! Ask Your Sister!

For A Good Time, Call Paul Bremer 555-1212 An excellent article from Slate (imagine that!) about the current state of grafitti in Iraq, complete with a huge and fascinating list of examples. My favorites: SADDAM THE DISGRACE! YOUR END IS TO BE LED LIKE A DOG BY A BLACK FEMALE SOLDIER!, BAATHISTS ARE THE MICROBES OF THE WORLD AND BUSH IS THE MICROBE KILLER, SADDAM CRAPPED IN HIS TROUSERS, WOE FOR THE WINE SELLERS AND THE VENDORS OF NUDISM AND LIBERTINISM, and DOWN WITH AHMAD CHALABI, MAN OF CATS!

The 19th Century Stands Strong Below The Mason-Dixon From the same morons that brought you the Scopes Trial comes another furious flash of genius from Rhea County, Tennesee. The county voted 8-0 to approve a request to amend state law so that homosexuals can be charged with crimes against nature. One of the commisioners also asked to find a way to enact an ordinance to ban gays from living in the county adding, "We need to keep them out of here."

Al Qaeda Backs Bush Well, maybe Bush and Rove were right, maybe Kerry doesn't have the support of all the foreign leaders he claimed.

As If Airline Security Didn't Suck Enough While unpacking in Israel after a trip to Germany, an El Al passanger discovered a de-activated handgun in his luggage. Apparantly the piece was part of a security drill used by the airline to keep baggage checkers on their toes, and after a gun slipping through their hands they probably need to be. "El Al uses different tactics to ensure the safety of its passengers," said a spokeswoman. "We won't detail our tactics."

Normally I Would Prefer A Thrown Pie

The Scab-Filled Real World MTV pulled its production of the 15th season of the Real World from Philadelphia, after local unions went into a post-shaft-receiving uproar. It seems that Bunim/Murray Productions has a long held policy of using non-union labor to fix up buildings and create sets for their production of drunken, college-aged veal calves in tank tops. After B/M went ahead with non-union labor the Teamsters picketed the work site, raising fear that the production company would have to set a precedent of (gasp!) hiring union labor or would see protests by union members during the show's filming. Date rapes in the Real World house? Fine. Minor physical assualts every season? Fine. Binge drinking? Fine. A picket sign? Never. Joe Hill, slam your tequilla shot and take off your Abercrombie shirt. There's a hot abs contest on the deck that's waiting for you.

-The Sikh Geek