Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Special "What?!" "Yeah!!" Edition

Why Hip-Hop Still Sucks In 2004
Eminem may have distanced himself from hosting a Girls Gone Wild video in the wake of 8 Mile 's success, but that doesn't mean other shitty rappers aren't getting in on the porn crossovers. CA will be delighted to know that rapper Lil John, who ironically is also getting his own cartoon, will be releasing an adult video entitled "Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz American Sex Series." Also, 50 Cent has a deal with Digital Sin to produce an interactive (ewww!!) video called "Groupie Luv" and Playboy TV has introduced a new hip-hop-themed series called "Buckwild." There's even a new rap and porn magazine hilariously entitled "Fish 'n' Grits." But my favorite part of this article is the writer's egregiously inaccurate statement that Snoop Dogg's 2001 "Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle" video was the first "feature-length commercial porn video" by a rapper. That ignominious title goes to Funkdoobiest's Son Doobie, for his role in 1995's Son Doobie: Porn King. Once again, the Old Gray Lady has flatered and my hip-hop knowledge reigns supreme.

The Sikh Geek In 40 Years

MC No Shame, you know what needs to come back into fashion in rap? Rappers getting shot.