Friday, March 05, 2004

Allow Me To Indulge My Inner Pat Robertson For A Moment

John Ashcroft On His Death Bed (Best Case Scenario)
Crisco anointing, calico cat fearing, to a dead guy losing, John Ashcroft has been hospitalized for gallstone pancreatitis, a painful condition that usually clears up in a week (no!) but in severe cases can lead to death (yes!). The condition is the result of either alcohol abuse (hmmm...) or a gallstone, with the latter being blamed in this case (just like it was a "pretzel", right?). This post may seem a bit ghoulish for me, but if Ashcroft can hold American citizens incommunicado for over two years without ever even charging them with a crime, then this boy can have a dream.

- MC No Shame, just waiting for the black Suburbans to show up