Monday, March 29, 2004

A Beefcake Of Vice Writing A Tell-All Book About A Dead Kennedy Of Virtue

And You STILL Felt The Need To Gouge Oil Prices? Damn...
Halliburton's spent $1.2 million in lobbying costs during the last two years of the Clinton administration. But in the first two years of the Bush administration that figure dropped to $600,000. Also, under the Clinton administration Halliburton's federal contracts never exceeded $1 billion. But under the Bush administration Halliburton has increased the value of it's contracts to $8 billion. I'm positive this is purely coincidental.

I Would Have Flashed The "Bloods" Sign
Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski, who along with ex-Tyco CFO Mark Swartz is accused of looting the company piggy bank to the tune of $600 million, might actually get a mistrial in what should be a no-brainer case. After jurors reported a "poisonous" deliberation room atmosphere to the judge, things got even wackier when Juror #4 (go read the NY Post if you want her name) flashed the "OK" sign towards Koz and the gang on Friday. What the fuck does that mean!? "I got your note about the new Corvette. Sounds like a deal to me"?? Why didn't Martha think of this? All I know is that greedy bastard should get nailed for spending $2 million on the lamest party I've ever seen.

You Gotta Admit It Does Have A Nice, Old Testament Ring To It

--MC No Shame