Monday, March 22, 2004

Utah Is The Florida Of The West.

Clear Channel Gives Yet Another Reason To Hate Them An Anaheim-based radio station is in a bit of trouble with SoCal's Muslim community after talk station KFI-AM's March 10th skit mocking the new Iraqi constitution. The skit had a mock-Muslim read from a spoof of the Iraqi constitution with a heavy accent saying that it would ban such western teaching as "bathing on a regular basis" and would allow Iraqis consentual relationships with "loving camels and goats." Hey KFI-AM, mock it like a middle schooler as much as you want, I'm still waiting for my government to classify health care as a right.

I Don't Know What It Means, But It's Still A Little Freaky... Yes, exactly 911 days did pass between the attacks on September 11th and the bombings in Madrid.

This Is A Shout-Out To All My Moronic Friends Who Support Racial Profiling Because "We Know Who To Look Out For..." An excellent piece from The UK's Guardian about a story we posted earlier; two white dudes (well, one dude and one dudette) from Texas were found to have a gigantic arsenal of guns and chemical weapons. The perpetrator of the anthrax attacks two years ago is thought to be an American, not a Muslim or an Arab. Where the FBI and other agencies were caught sleeping when they ignored the threat of international Muslim terrorists before 9-11, it looks like they might now be caught napping on the domestic threat posed by militia group and white supremacists. For more, read today's story on the fantastic blog for the Memory Hole.

Fuck The Richard Clark Interview, THIS Was The Big Security Failure Those of us at the MLWL have been watching in stunned disbelief (well, very jaded and sarcastic belief) as the Right throws all kinds of political mud at John Kerry: doctored photos of him with Hanoi Jane and Anton LaVey, 36 pt headlines on the Drudge report about Kerry saying "son of a bitch", the fabricated intern scandal and the endless Botox speculation. This article from WorldNetDaily has to take the cake. It accuses Kerry of fumbling a pre-September 11th security tip that weakened Logan airport and allowed the hijackers to get through and cause the worst terrorist attack in US history and cause Osama Bin Laden to become buddies with Kerry and causing a vote for the later to be the same as a vote for the former.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About A Dirty Bomb, But Were Too Close To An Information-Overload, News Fueled Nervous Collapse To Ask For

-The Sikh Geek