Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Sarcastic Critic of Truth Unwittingly Flipping the Bird of Sarcasm to a National Audience of Falsehood

Kerry Smear Watch John Kerry went to mass in a ski suit! John Kerry plotted the assassination of several US Senators! Kerry voted over 350 times to raise taxes! John Kerry hates puppy dogs and Christmas!

Up Yours Christopher Hitchens If 90% of the Spanish population was against going to war in Iraq and the government went ahead anyways, what would you call Aznar getting voted out of office? Logical democratic action, or an entire European nation siding with Osama bin Laden and evil?

The FCC IS Being Run By My Old High School's Vice Principal The latest moral scandal to rock our nation after Boobgate! Did Simon from American Idol scratch his forehead, or was he giving the bird?! Don't worry an already fragile America, journalistic superhero Matt Drudge is already on the case.

Back in college I took a class called "Political Propaganda and the Cinema." As part of the class we had to watch a documentary entitled "Australia is Like This," a cultural primer for US GIs heading out to the land down under during WWII. It was like a 40 minute black & white Foster's commercial, and so skewed my view of the former continent-sized prison colony, that I assume that this is normal in Australia.

-The Sikh Geek