Thursday, March 11, 2004

Preferring To Be Spooked By The US Intelligence Deficit

Morons Who Deify Reagan, Morons Who Believe In Angels, Together At Last A new book entitled "Hand of Providence: The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan" claims that Reagan life was saved by angelic beings, presumably so he could cut taxes. The first instance, taken from his aptly titled autobiography "Where's The Rest Of Me?" occurred when Reagan was sick with pneumonia, decades before his presidency. The Gipper was told to keep breathing by a nurse, and because the feverish Reagan couldn't locate the nurse he assumed along with his family that she was an angel. Later when he was shot by Hinkley, a half-conscious Ronnie felt a "feminine" hand touching his and again assumed it was an angel. Now with the staggering evidence from a feverish and half-conscious man, can anyone now doubt that our 40th president wasn't anointed by God, touched by an angel and deserving of having the 5 most populace metro regions of the United States named after him?

Who Would Think That Dead Bodies Would Be In The News So Much? Fresh off the UCLA cadavergate, Tulane University's medical school is in hot water after they sold off extra donated cadavers that were used in land mine tests for the Army's Medical Research and Materiel Command in Fort Detrick, Md. While most are shocked, I'm sure Fox is using this and the recent Girls Gone Wild ruling to produce a new reality show entitled "The World's Most Extreme 16 Year-Old Flashers and Torpedoed Corpse Spectacular!!!"

Do As We Say, Not As We Do After howling "CLASS WARFARE!" at any mention of tax-cuts, poverty or disparity of wealth, the GOP is trying to smear Kerry as a rich dude. As the almighty FactCheck shows, most of Kerry's wealth belongs to his wife, and Bush is also filthy stinking rich. Nice try Rove; take a cue from Drudge and go after Kerry's potty-mouth.

And In Further Fact-Fucking Nonsense... This Slate article details the Bush team's lies and misrepresentations about Kerry's record. Stuff like this will matter until Osama is captured in late-October.

50 Cent Helps Deliver A Beat Down To Hip-Hop's (Perhaps Stolen and Trafficked) Corpse...

-The Sikh Geek