Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Condi Rice Is The New Barbara Bush

If You're Between The Ages of 18-34, And You're Having A Good Day, Don't Read This
In the NYC subway there are these great ads from the Freelancers Union that have these lines like, "You Went to College, You Work Full Time, You Can't Afford Health Insurance. Welcome to Middle Class Poverty." As if seeing those on my morning commute didn't provide enough depressing irony, now the Village Voice paints a perfect mise-en-scene of my economic life that is sure to drive me to pull a Spalding Gray.

Fake News Is The New Real News
A recent poll found that "21 percent of people aged 18 to 29 cited 'The Daily Show' and 'Saturday Night Live' as a place where they regularly learned presidential campaign news." This incisive piece from the NY Times (notice it's in the "Arts" section) discusses the increasingly blurred lines between news and entertainment programming that references, among others, the Bush administration's faux "news" reports on Medicare that actually aired on some stations.

--MC No Shame, still waiting for my trust fund to kick in