Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Mind The Stepchildren

This Doesn't Help The Culture Wars
I can just hear Campus Watch now. First Harvard announces a student skin mag and now Northern Arizona University's student publication, The Lumberjack, finds itself embroiled in controversy after publishing a Valentine's, oral sex "how-to" guide. Personally I'm most offended at the thought of students being able to get into college but not being able to give a decent blow job. Two hands.

And The Culture War Rages On!
Starting a family? Looking for ways to keep your children off the spiritual crack of pop culture? Then turn to Family Reformation magazine, the new glossy dedicated to providing the "wonder and power found in God's prescription for all aspects of family interaction and biblical answers that will impact future generations!" Sections include "Front Line", for "men who are ready and willing to take up God's call to lead their families and see Malachi 4:6 come to life" and "Kitchen Table Talks" where women "will find encouragement and guidance to love your husband and be the excellent wife described in Scripture." Barf.

This One Goes Out To That Sexy Beast, The Sikh Geek
Figures that Americans would be the ones to reduce thousands of years of Yogic tradition to an aid in getting your freak on.

- MC No Shame