Friday, March 12, 2004

It's absurd! Unthinkable! Why? Because that pipe doesn't go to the marshmallow room it goes to the fudge room!

Those wacky Koreans are at it again. No, not the North Koreans having presidential problems for once but the South Koreans. Who have for about a year been struggling with their somewhat inept and often waffling president have finally broken down and impeached him. Now the actual impeachment charge is strange but it stems from other corruption charges. Ah well, at least their president does something stupid they actually move to do something about it. Now if only Americans were half as fiesty.

This one's for my homies on lockdown and this one's for my people on the street. Conspiracy readers rejoice or cringe in horror, whatever. This collection of news articles point towards camps for political dissenters. Now, in general people would think automatically that this is crazy but think of this article from the LA times where John Ashcroft actually reccommends this very thing,here. Think of all the "enemy combatants" there could be under these terms!

The world's end, quickly moving forward. So anyone who has ever had a Krispy Kreme donut will know that if you had a low sugar donut there it wouldn't be right. Also, if you're trying to be healthy and maybe lose some weight, do you think that Krispy Kreme is the place you think of automatically. How about you get off you're trendy diet and hit the gym tubby.

When will we learn? Robots ALWAYS turn on their human masters. Toyota showed off it's new humanoid robot this week! That puts it up with Honda and Sony as making new and technologically interesting interesting robots. Japan seems pretty much set on making us do battle in the future with a horde of robotic mercenaries. I must admit though, i applaud the inovativeness of this as do many nerds who are currently building their perfect robot woman in their basement out of radio shack parts!

-HakujinJoe, internment camp number 9823