Monday, March 01, 2004


Old school like Plato's Academy.

Taking My Cue on Policy Positions from a Man Called "Justin Sane"

Panama's Uncle Has Returned In 1991, Jean Aristide becomes president of Haiti. Shortly thereafter, he's driven out by a military coup. In 1994, he is reinstalled as president by a US invasion. 10 years later, the US has a change of heart, and another invasion forces him from power. Now, according to a member of the US Congress, Aristide is a prisoner in the Central African Republic following a coup, with Aristide swearing that he never resigned. Sound familiar? It's the history of Latin America and the Caribbean basin over the past 120 years.

Any "Emanations from Penumbras" in this Constitution? Iraqi puppet leaders have "agreed on a Constitution" that "strikes a balance" between those who want Islam as the source of the law and those who don't, although the document fails to treat the matter of Kurdish autonomy, a fairly significant issue since the improper handling of it could lead to civil war or an invasion by Turkey. But how is this Connecticut Compromise-like balance struck? "The coalition official said the document strikes a balance between the role of Islam and the bill of individual rights and democratic principles, by calling Islam a source, but not a primary one, for the implementation of civil law." Hmm. Is that like, "We're making you walk the plank, but for liability purposes, it is the ocean that will kill you"?

October Surprise Watch: February Surprise It looks like the Groundhog of Terror didn't see his shadow, because we may getting an early spring: Iran's official news agency is reporting that US forces have captured Osama bin Laden. Granted, take this with a grain of salt, as it comes from Iran's official news agency, but still: how implausible is it, with Kerry and Edwards beating Bush in double digit polls around the country? Osama, if you're still out there: Do the decent thing and blow your head off.

MLWL: We Report, You Deride As this link shows, the wingers are getting themselves worked up for another run at France, claiming that Mel Gibson's movie can't find a distributor there because the French find it anti-Semitic. Cue: much teeth-gnashing over French "censorship," etc. However, as this story, dated tomorrow, says, the film is being distributed in France, and the whole "no distributor" thing is a publicity stunt by Gibson's savvy production company. Looks like the wingers have been duped again, although that's no great feat; we should've known the story was bogus as soon as we heard the putative reason. After all, the French rejecting something because it's anti-Semitic? Mais non!

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