Tuesday, April 20, 2004

You Gotta Lotta Nerve Showing Your Face Around Here, Mr. President

SCOTUS: Still Backing Republican Power Grabs After All These Years
Remember last year when Democrats in the Texas Legislature made a midnight run to Oklahoma in an effort to cockblock a Republican redistricting scheme that would have given them six more seats? Well despite the Dems' run for the border Senate Republicans were still able to vote on the plan, in direct contravention of 100-year-old Senate voting procedures. Angry Dems, who charge the redistricting plan violates the federal Voting Rights Act, filed a lawsuit that the Supreme Court has just refused to hear (after it failed in a lower court). According to this article, "The court had also refused earlier this year to block congressional elections under the new map, which Democrats and minority groups argue tramples the rights of Hispanic and black voters." Anyone who still remembers the 2000 election and the allegations of minority voters being turned away at the polls in Miami-Dade County knows that SCOTUS doesn't do civil rights any more. That's soooooo 1960's.

Conspiracy Nuts Continue To Cream Their Shorts
Like all Bush cabinet officials, "Crisco-is-for-bakin'" John Ashcroft flew on commercial airlines... until July 24, 2001. Citing a "threat assessment" by the FBI, "calico-cat-hatin'" Ashcroft began only flying chartered government jets. Was it the result of secret, pre-9/11 terrorism information about jets being used as weapons? Or was it because the freak-a-zoid probably thinks that complimentary packets of pretzels are the work of the devil?

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