Friday, April 23, 2004

TODAY'S TOP FIVE: A Grand Jury of Truth reportedly indicting a Michael Jackson of Lies.

You Look Awfully Familiar Since the April uprisings started in Iraq, the all-Iraqi "security force" has lost 50 percent of its members, according to the US army. So, who would best know how to reverse this alarming trend? Why, Saddam Hussein's former generals, of course! Yes, the men who we fought a war against just a year ago have now been recruited to run the Iraqi army. In a similar development, the ban on Baath Party members holding government posts has been quietly lifted. Can our reinstallation of Saddam as supreme dictator be far behind?

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The Pentagon has tried to block the release of photos like this one from Andrews Air Force Base (and a contractor who took a photo of flag-draped caskets has been fired for doing so), apparently in the hope that if people don't see the result of US foreign policy, they will continue to support that policy. Even if you're not looking, these people are still dead.

It's Like the Poker Standoff of Doom Muqtada Al-Sadr, the well-fed renegade Shiite cleric currently holed up in Greater Metropolitan Najaf, has upped the ante in his Mexican standoff with the US: If the US invades Najaf, the holiest Shiite city, Sadr will direct the members of his Al Mahdi Army to carry out suicide attacks. Do Republicans read stuff like this and think, "I'm so glad I voted for Bush"?

Vote Fraud Stalled in California State elections officials in California have banned the use of 15,000 electronic "black box" voting machines in four counties, and may ban their use throughout the state, because the machines (made by Republican-led company Diebold of Ohio) are so full of error that they actually turned voters away from the polls in a March election.

Your "Thank God It's Friday" Special of the Day:
A Seattle company making luggage has appended a message to the care instructions printed in English and French on their product labels:

Our Frenchy readers will note that the last lines on the tag read "We are sorry our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him." That's an apology, France.

-Consider Arms