Friday, April 16, 2004

Bowing To Our Turkmenistanian Overlord, Saparmurat Niyazov

Fuck Films Are Fucked An HIV scare has sent chills through the porn world. Darren James, a "gonzo film" star who doesn't use condoms in his films, tested positive and already one of the women he had sex with on camera, a nineteen year-old from Canada has tested positive. This should come as no surprise. Porn is risky and unregulated and only 15 months ago the LA Times did a huge article on STDs and the porn world. Despite the recent attempts by much of the media to "mainstream" porn by having Jenna Jameson host award shows, putting Ron Jeremy on a reality show, and producing scores of sensationalized T&A-filled TV reports on the "multibillion dollar (sic) adult entertainment industry", it still seems that people having unsafe sex with strangers on film is a bad idea that probably should stay on the fringe. I wonder if that hip new Fox movie "The Girl Next Door", about a high school student who falls in love with a porn star, includes a scene where Danielle gives the boy a case of herpes she picked up while doing a double-anal in a motel room.

I Never Wore A "Trust No One" T-Shirt, I Swear! The pilot episode to the X-Files spin-off "The Lone Gunmen" featured a plot line in which a rogue faction of the government highjacks a plane and attempts to crash it into the World Trade Center. When did this come out? March, 2001. Besides giving conspiracy theorists seizures for the next week, at the very least this should mock Bush's notion of "who could have imagined highjacked planes used a weapons?" Apparently Chris Carter, Tom Clancy and the CIA for starters.

Securing Iraq, For Dudes Who Want To Make Dirty Bombs With Stolen Uranium "According to ElBaradei's letter, satellite imagery shows 'extensive removal of equipment and in some instances, removal of entire buildings,' in Iraq."

Soon To Be On The VH1 Special "I Love Terrifying State-Sponsored Murderous Shit From The 80s" Meet the new boss, more awful than the old boss. When the June 30th transfer of power occurs in Iraq and the nation flowers into a neo-Athenian beacon of democracy for the entire region, Paul Bremer will not be at the helm. He will be replaced by John Negroponte, who before he got his nomination as UN ambassador approved "faced days of grilling over allegations that at the very least he turned a blind eye to CIA-backed death squads which operated in Honduras when he was ambassador there." Negroponte responded to the charges with the Jedi mind-fuck answer of "To this day, I do not believe that death squads were operating in Honduras," despite, you know, all the news reports, eye witnesses and dead bodies that claim there were.

As If There Was Any Doubt... Florida confirms its role as the scummiest state in the union. Why does this kind of shit (a 5 year-old bringing pot into school, a school bus driver pulling over to allow a live alligator on the bus, a man having sex with a dog) ALWAYS seem to happen in the nation's dangling phallus, FLA?

-The Sikh Geek