Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's Been A Bad Week Kevin Spacey. Really.

And By "Sovereignty" We Mean You Can't Even Choose Your Own Flag We can't even get a piece of cloth right. The Coalition Authority has redesigned the Iraqi flag, apparently without asking anyone who would be under the flag. The new flag looks vaguely similar to the Israeli flag (and you can imagine THAT didn't go over well) and has caused insurgents to rally behind the old Iraqi flag and turn it into a powerful symbol against US forces.

I Would Expect No More From The Rag That Pimped "Dizee Rascal" Short, hysterical rant from the Village Voice about how the Dems should dump Kerry and look for someone else. Dude, it's APRIL. Why isn't this man working for a Washington thinktank already?

From The State That Brought You Rodney King "San Joaquin County prosecutors acted reasonably by not criminally charging six California Youth Authority employees for the videotaped beating of two young wards, Attorney General Bill Lockyer said Friday." So you can kick in the head, punch, and pepper-spray two unresisting youths on the floor, file false reports about it, get it all caught on tape and STILL walk away without charges?

At Least The Australian Has The Guts To Call Them "Assassins"
While the American press would undoubtedly call them "contractors" this article from the Australian details how many of those fighting in Iraq are hired guns guilty of the worst human rights violations of the apartheid era. At least 1500 of the estimated 10,000 private contractors operating in Iraq are South African, including recent casualty Gray Banfield who at one time "kidnapped a senior Zimbabwean policeman, strapped explosives to his body and took his family hostage." At least Negroponte will be comfortable with them...

I Feel Sick Libyian dictator Moammar Gadhafi parades around Europe like a rock star and can pass off bombing a passenger airliner under the tag of "liberation struggles." This is why Dante wrote The Inferno. It's comforting to imaging the Colonel "making a splash" in hell.

For Those Training To Get Cozy With Scalia...

-The Sikh Geek