Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Whether You're In NWA Or Have An MBA, Bitches Ain't Shit But Ho's And Tricks
At least that seems to be the attitude of Thomas Lopez-Pierre, creator of the elitist, exclusionary, and dare I say sexist Harlem Club. Mr. Lopez-Pierre is the public face of a very private social club for highly educated, professional blacks and latinos. More meat market than meeting place, the club's members pay five grand for the opportunity to sample from a rotation of women 35 or younger, unmarried, childless, college educated and willing to submit a head-to-toe photograph. Oh yeah, and women can't be members, only "associate members". While Mr. Lopez-Pierre disagrees that the club is nothing more than a "brothel for the business class", he does have this to say to all the strong, Nubian sista's out there, "I didn't marry my wife because she was a kind, sensitive woman. I married her because she is a complete package. I married her because she takes her butt to the gym, and she keeps it tight for me. I want it all, and I got it all. There are men who want the same." If Mrs. Lopez-Pierre has one ounce of self respect she'll use her tight butt to whoop Mr. Lopez-Pierre's disrespecting ass.

Rap Industry: Still Shady As Hell
That icon of rap music publishing, The Source, seems to have a little problem with the cheddar flow. Our boys at the have discovered that The Source has been sued four times in the past six weeks in the NY Supreme Court due to unpaid bills. Most notably, the magazine's paper supplier, Gould Paper Corp., is owed $1,137,466.21. Other unpaid expenses include $142,000 in plane tickets for the likes of the Neptunes and $36,000 for a pair of earrings that were never returned after a photo shoot. Maybe if Benzino didn't blow all that money pressing up CD's of Eminem's freestyle tapes from when he was 13 they'd be able to pay the gas bill.

Apocalypse Watch Update: We're Really Fucked
Apologies to the SG for biting his steez on this one.

--MC No Shame