Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Start Shooting Your Feet And Scoping Out Canada Republican Senator Chuck Hagel told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the US may be forced to reinstitute the military draft to provide soldiers for the gargantuan mess we've got going on in Iraq. "Why shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some responsibility and pay some price?" Hagel said, arguing that restoring compulsory military service would force "our citizens to understand the intensity and depth of challenges we face." While confusing those straddling the poverty line with schoolteachers and those in middle-management, Chuck added, "Those who are serving today and dying today are the middle class and lower middle class." Um, actually it's THE POOR who are overwhelmingly dying in Iraq: the people who couldn't find work, couldn't afford college and didn't have many options besides becoming an army of one. And a draft certainly wouldn't "spread the responsibility to all Americans." An Iraqi War draft, like Vietnam, and like all other wars before it would doubtlessly see the sons of the rich avoiding the military. Ask Cheney. Or Bush. If the US will need to keep troops in Iraq for TEN MORE YEARS like the British estimate, maybe Chuck will be willing to give his son Ziller over to the draft when he reaches 18.

The Horse of Plague Catching Up To The Horse Of Warfare
Calling the epidemic "an earthquake in slow motion" (Ironically the same thing I called MC No Shame's 500 lb. ex-girlfriend. Man, MCNS LOVES those BBW...) the chief of the UN said that AIDS is as great a threat to world peace as terrorism. He cited the military forces in Africa in which half the soldiers are infected, the fifty-fold increase of HIV in Russia and the schools and companies left empty in Africa due to AIDS-related deaths.

-The Sikh Geek