Thursday, April 01, 2004

When hell has no more room, the dead will come out to vote for GW

I applaud my prudence. So i feel totally justified in not trading in my yen upon return to the US. No really, now that the dollar has fell to creepily low value i could actually get a good price for it now and not have to feel cheated by the conversion costs! Way to go on the economy Bush team!!

The only question we have is why are you so awesome? This article about the questions that might be asked to Condi Rice is somewhat interesting. You can imagine the kind of stuttering and stammering that will be incurred by the question "Why did it take eight months to develop an al-Qaeda policy that wasn't much different from the Clinton approach?". The probable answer is kind of funny too because it doesn't answer the question it just says i don't think that is a long time for a new administration. Oh really? 8 months to just copy off the old guys plan isn't a long time?

And I thought you could avoid this by not signing up for selective service.So it seems that in the "no child left behind" act there is a clause that says all names, addresses and telephone numbers of students have to be handed over to military recruiters. Not just handed over by the way, sold to military recruiters. How awesome is it that now everyone will be getting incessant calls from people trying to convince you that it's "wicked awesome" to die for former governor Bush's America.