Saturday, April 24, 2004

Heroic Football Star Bravely Reminds Americans That We're Still In A War With Afghanistan

California, Pledged To Delivering The Subpoena To Diebold A California voting systems panel recently voted to recommend to the secretary of state that the state decertify Diebold electronic voting machines; it also voted to send their findings to the state attorney general for possible criminal and civil charges against the company. Diebold's machines performed miserably in the March primaries (turning some voters away from the polls) and Diebold marketed and sold their TSx to California counties before it was certified by the state and misleading the state about federal certification about the machines. Diebold is also in hot water for changing their software around without notifying anyone. Whoops. Realted Diebold story.

E-Cliff Notes For The New Bob Woodward Book
Slate takes out all the juicy parts of the new Plan of Attack book. We here at the MLWL would read it, but we're totally caught up in the new Danielle Steele.

McNews Joins The Grey Lady In The Gutter Of Journalistic Shame A second top editor bailed out on USA Today on Thursday with a third following in the wake of a scandal in which a star reporter, Jack Kelley, was found to have fabricated parts of over 20 stories and stealing at least 100 passages from other news organizations. Fourth-rate journalism at a fourth-grade reading level.

End Of The World The British Office of Science and Technology has given an insane forecast of how global climate change will effect the UK over the next half-century (read: our lifetimes). They predict that over 4 million Britons will lose their homes due to flooding before 2050 and the entire East end of London would be underwater.

THIS Is What The Environmental Movement Is All About Declaring war on the flush toilet and having babies shit all over everything. NewsMax is a marksman of fact.

-The Sikh Geek will cry tears of joy if he can see MC No Shame ride Gravedigger at the Hartford Civic Center