Thursday, April 15, 2004

Call Me Crazy But I totally believe that Bush's hypno-tie was intentional. Remember that phrase about something that is too good to be true probably is? Well, with everyone and their freelanced gay stylist commentators declaring that Bush and his team should've known better than to wear a tight-striped cravate on camera; it isn't hard to imagine that they did. How much press coverage on Bush's ghastly performance has been given to the tie? Instead of analyzing the obvious lies, ommissions, and insults to logic that occurred on Tuesday we get to watch a five-minute interview with a stylist about what colors and patterns work on television. A simple wardrobe malfunction? Could be more like slight of hand.

You'll Always Find Us... Out To Lunch! Where was Bush when FBI memos about Zacarias Moussaoui were coming down the pipe? On US history's longest vacation for a sitting president. As much as it would pain Bush to learn, vacationing for all of August is a well-established French custom.

The Net Around Osama Tightens And by "tighten" we mean "exapnds to cover the world's oceans."

Can We Get Grown Ups Back To Write Books And Make Commentary? Or at least people who can hold their own with English grammar? "Liberals and French Babble While U.S. Leads Battle Against Terrorism"? How is that NOT a headline for a junior high ESL newsletter? And speaking of a lack of grown-ups... who the fuck would try to build an anti-presidential library?

-The Sikh Geek