Monday, April 19, 2004

Special "I Want To Go Outside" Edition

Not All Terrorists Have Beards And Funny Names
In the first few days after the Oklahoma City bombing law enforcement officials focused on a connection to Islamic extremists (and there still exists theories of an Iraqi connection) only to discover, to their shock, that the terrorism was of the homegrown variety. What followed was a fleeting national fixation on right-wing, paramilitary, militia groups like the Michigan Militia. But that was the mid-90's. These days it's all "Al"-this and "Laden"-that with calls for beefed up border security and a rationalized policy of racial profiling. But before you stress the Sikh Geek at the airport again you might want to get a load of this: When the FBI searched 63-year-old William Krar's storage locker in Texas (of course) last year they found half a million rounds of ammunition, more than 60 pipe bombs, and ingredients to construct a cyanide bomb capable of killing everyone within a 30,000-square-foot building. Even more frightening than that is the fact that the FBI had no knowledge of Krar before a fluke screw up on his part led a Staten Island resident to tip them off. Now there's growing concern that the patriot movement is gaining steam once again, fueled in part by post-9/11, anti-Muslim sentiment within the heartland. Daniel Levitas, author of "The Terrorist Next Door", made the observation, "There are thousands of William Krars out there who aren't being pursued." Nice.

Perverting Technology
Recently I came across an interesting theory that goes something like this: the rapid spread and acceptance of new technologies, ie. cell phones, SMS, the internet, email, digital cameras, etc., has been facilitated mainly by their unforeseen use as 21st century delivery systems for porn. If that's true, then this story could herald the rise of eHogging. Using Bluetooth technology which allows users to send phone contacts, pictures and messages to anyone and everyone within a 10 yard radius commuters in London are soliciting strangers for sex via their high tech gadgets, dubbed "Toothing." The technique is to send out a message that says "Toothing?" and see if anyone around you takes the bait. Then it's just a matter of picking which public bathroom you want to meet in. Just remember you swinging Londoners, Norton doesn't make a patch for herpes.

And Speaking Of STD's
Guess what's the latest, hottest trend sweeping NYC? Syphilis.

--MC No Shame, my pathos are validated once again