Sunday, April 25, 2004

A Hotel Guest Of Truth Surviving An 18-Story Plunge From A Ritz Of Falsehood

Soon On VH1, "I Love Bullshit Nuclear Arms Stockpiling From The 80s" "Measured in 'real dollars' (that is, adjusting for inflation), this year's spending on nuclear activities is equal to what Ronald Reagan spent at the height of the U.S.-Soviet standoff."

How Anyone Can Use The Word "Diet" In Reference To This Couple Is Beyond Me...
In Salt Lake City an Xtreme Atkins-following couple was kicked out of the local Chuck-A-Rama after the husband went up to the buffet for his 12th helping of roast beef. Said the man's wife, "We went in to have dinner, we were under the impression Chuck-A-Rama was an all-you-can-eat establishment." Said the owner of Chuck-A-Rama (sadly, not named Chuck), ""We've never claimed to be an all-you-can-eat establishment. Our understanding is a buffet is just a style of eating." For the Sikh Geek, buffet is more than just a style of eating; it's a way of life.

And By "Indepence" We Mean You Guys Are Totally Free To Listen To Your American Overlords And Occupiers

-The Sikh Geek