Tuesday, April 27, 2004

An Insane Pop Star of Truth Firing A Mothership & Mad Scientist-Believing Cult Of Falsehood

When I Move You Move (Just Like That) Hot on the red clown shoe-heels of the death of McDonald's CEO from a heart attack, the Japanese billionaire who brought McD's to Japan has just died of a heart attack himself. Now if only the tobacco industry CEOs started dropping from lung cancer...

The Saintly Are Up To Their Necks In Smut As the GOP gears up to attack the porn "industry" it might be biting the hand that feeds it. Seems that plenty of companies that are not from LA valley and not run by dudes named Larry make lots of money off of porn, including Direct TV (owned by Fox News head Rupert Murdoch) and Comcast (whose CEO helped to organize the 2000 Republican convention) who both offer the "Hot Network." The Marriot hotel chain, owned by prominent members of the Mormon church, also offers porn on its in-room pay-per-view TV service.

To Protect And Serve Against Blind Elderly Women The city of Portland is shelling out $145,000 after pepper-spraying an elderly blind woman, striking her and knocking out a prosthetic eye and shocking her with a stun gun. And the Secret Service was called in to investigate two drawings by a 15-year old boy in Washington who drew Bush as a devil launching a missle.

Quack! Quack! This Is Why Recusals Exist. As Dick Cheney's case heads to the SCOTUS, it won't be the fist time the grand bench stands between Scalia and a hunting buddy. In 2002 Scalia rejected a Democratic appeal on a rediscticting case in favor of his Republican hunting buddy Rep. Charles Pickering. It's turkey season indeed.

Some Good News! White supremecist and pockmarked fuck-face Matthew Hale is going to jail! Hale, the head of one of the "World Church of the Creator"s (the one that wants to kill black people, not the religious one) was found guilty in Chicago of trying to have a federal judge killed and three counts of obstruction of justice. I'm sure prison will be a breeze Matt.

-The Sikh Geek is delighted that Rumsfled could be called in Saddam's defense during a trial