Saturday, April 10, 2004

Special "He Must Be Buggin' If He Was At American Trash" Edition

My Neighborhood Is So Nice Even The Crazies Are CEO's! Modern day robber barron and ex-Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital by police early Friday morning after they responded to several calls describing a man accosting people and accusing them of being FBI agents. The "emotionally disturbed person" discovered at the corner of Park and E. 73rd St. (UES reprazent!!) turned out to be none other than Skilling, who is currently facing 35 federal counts against him for fraud, insider trading, and a host of other charges stemming from Enron's collapse. The "intoxicated and highly uncooperative" Skilling had been spotted at two area bars running up to people, opening their clothes, and shouting, "You're an FBI agent and you're following me!" This little ditty has confirmed for me that I really need to A) start going out in my hood more and B) have my digital camera with me at all times.

I'd Love To See Coulter Go Up Against 'The Hard Rhymer'
Prophet of rage himself, Chuck D, has a politics and culture radio talk show, entitled "Unfiltered", on that new lefty radio network Air America. Along with bashing the Right like fellow network host Al Franken, Mista Chuck promised to give a voice to those that are rarely heard and to take to task the Left for certain issues it sees "as being cool and hip that's derogatory to us as black people." I personally triple dog dare the 5-beer hottie, bottle blond viper Coulter to step her Manolo Blahniks into that cypher.

I Follow-Up On This Shit So You Don't Have To
Now that the Village Voice has outed the NYPD's "rap intelligence unit" maybe somebody can tell me who the fuck shot Jam Master Jay.

--MC No Shame, hard at work or hardly working?