Friday, April 30, 2004

Iraq Now Free To Have Occupying US Troops Beat Prisoners To Death and Produce Child Porn, A My Lai For My Times

Replacing Saddam's Rule of Humiliation and Torture With Our Own Rule of Humiliation and Torture The fallout from the evidence of the abuse Iraqi prisoners faced at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison at the hands of US troops is only beginning. Images from the torture are spreading across the internet and they are absolutely horrifying. Some of the exact acts that occured under Saddam's rule that we used to justify our invasion, were done by our own troops in the same prison. As reported by CBS News... "Part of the Army's own investigation is a statement from an Iraqi detainee who charges a translator - hired to work at the prison - with raping a male juvenile prisoner: 'They covered all the doors with sheets. I heard the screaming. ...and the female soldier was taking pictures.' There is also a picture of an Iraqi man who appears to be dead -- and badly beaten." While desperately-in-need-of-a-collective-cockpunchingFox News takes pains to describe the abuse as "alleged" (as if the above photo could have just been part of a NIN video shoot and nothing more), it's clear that the reaction from the foreign press will be howlingly scandalized, and I'm scared by what will happen when the Islamic Press gets a hold of these photos.

Now let's really wade in up to our elbows now, shall we? Why is the homoerotic torture and humiliation of captured troops such a regular occurance? Remember when John Walker Lindh ("The American Taliban") was captured in Afghanistan and later stripped naked by US soldiers, blindfolded, restrained and had the word "shithead" written on his body? Remember when US forces forced Iraqis accused of looting to strip naked and march through public, with one of them having an insult in Arabic written on his body? Maybe this bullshit is more than the barely contained homosexuality of the US Army and just has something to do with America and what makes us great. Witness today's article from a Virginia newspaper that descibes a mother who forced her son to rake leaves naked.

Pro-Choice Marches and The Teachers' Union Can Get Smeared With It, But Nobody Can Freak Out And Call The RIAA a Terrorist Organization? The RIAA is now in junior high schools having students do roleplaying exercises to understand in their souls the great evil that is file-swapping. I see pure evil in a lesson plan called "What's the Diff?: A Guide to Digital Citizenship" that makes a seventh-grade girl pretend to be a movie producer and say "I'm, like, losing my job, and maybe I, like, need that money for my family or something." Maybe this impoverished movie "producer" can wait in line for government cheese with Dr. Dre's starving kids...

G.I. Joe Was Also A Real American Hero Football star, dumb jock and recently adopted patron saint of the Fox News room, Pat Tillman, has just been posthumously promoted to corporal from specialist. "The Army always notes that rank and promotion are not a reward of what was done well, but a recognition that you have the potential to do more," said Army spokeswoman Martha Rudd. "This promotion is essentially saying he would have been a fine leader." The only problem is that a dead person can't really "do more" because they're, um, dead. But maybe I shouldn't laugh at the powers a dead man can wield. Remember, our current Attorney General lost to one in a Senate race.
P.S. The AZ Cardinals plan on retiring Tillman's jersey and rename the plaza surrounding the team's new stadium the "Pat Tillman Freedom Plaza." My balls hurt.

-The Sikh Geek