Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Notorious M.L.W.L.

MC Al-Sadr Drops His New Joint "Ready to Die"

Bushie Bushie Bushie, Can't You See? Sometimes Your Ties Just Hypnotize Me... And sometimes you make me so mad I want to throw something at my computer monitor. From the Smoking Gun, a nice one-stop for all of the cues Bush fumbled before 9-11. In his defence, the memos DO contain history and as yet we have not found a memory that gives an exact "what where and when" for the attacks.

Calmer Than The Source Awards, But Just As Much Viscious Player Hating The Jefferson Muzzle Award winners were just announced for the biggest supressions of freedom of speech in 2003. The big winners? The Secret Service, CBS, and Baseball Hall of Fame President Dale Petroskey. The big losers? Us.

Add Killing Biggie And Tupac To The List An FBI Whistleblower Website that highlights all sorts of flaws, thefts and corruption at the Bureau.

-The Sikh Geek, back and waving his hands like a true player