Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Williamsburg Hipsters Protest Gentrification

An Important Statement That I'm Sure We'll See Widely Reported In The Media
"Bill Janklow's commenting on the resignation of six people connected with the state Republican Party over absentee ballot applications. The former governor and congressman says the national GOP is encouraging campaign workers to cheat. He says his ire is directed at the Republican Party's Victory operation, which helps register people and get them to the polls."

It Is A Dire Situation Indeed That Makes Me Side With The Potheads Jonathan Magbie, a 27 year-old quadriplegic, was sent to a DC jail for 10-days after being found guilty of marijuana possession. He never left. Jonathan died while in custody. I feel safer already...

And Since The War On Drugs Has Been So Successful The Justice Department is seeking broad new powers, based on the war on drugs, to fight copyright infringement and piracy, a "widespread" problem "that can be addressed only through more spending, more FBI agents and more power for prosecutors." Cat-fearer John Ashcroft said, "The department is prepared to build the strongest, most aggressive legal assault against intellectual-property crime in our nation's history." A lobbyist for Kazaa was quoted as saying "They could be proposing here the greatest mass criminalization of conduct by otherwise law-abiding citizens since Prohibition. Congress should think long and hard before they treat noncommercial infringement by ordinary citizens...the same as prosecutions of organized crime."

Germans Are Fucking Weird Dining in complete darkness while being served by blind waiters. Performance art? Kafka-esque metaphor? Try the latest German restaurant Unsicht-Bar. "Because diners aren't allowed to bring in matches, flashlights, or lighters, a restaurant staff member will lead a patron to a candlelit bathroom when necessary."

Haters. Self-Admitted Haters.
Juvenile right-wing attacks on Kerry don't phase us, neither do the blogs dedicated to them. But why would you call a group of Anti-Kerry blog the "Digital Brownshirt Alliance?"

-The Sikh Geek