Thursday, October 28, 2004

Now We'll Root For The Northeast States In The Upcoming Civil War

The End of Civility
Missing ballots are the smallest problems in the worst state ever. An 18-year old Marine recruit, upset that she was breaking up with him AND voting for John Kerry, held his girlfriend hostage and threatened to stab her in the neck with a screwdriver before she broke free. And in Vero Beach, an anti-Kerry protester was charged after pointing a gun at a Kerry-supporting heckler. Dearest MLWL reader, who looks worse in this article? Bush supporters? The Marines? Florida?

Where The Vote Can't Be Won, It Can Be Disenfranchised In Wisconsin the GOP is criticizing a get-out-the-vote campaign involving public school students. The non-partisan campaign takes time from regular classes to go to low turn-out, minority neighborhoods urging people to vote. A Republican spokesman called the program "a disgraceful use of taxpayer money." Be on the lookout dudes; the better Kerry starts to do in swing states, the more insane GOP voter disenfranchisement will be.

That Which You Have Done To The Least Of My Bretheren... In a shocking departure from Deepak Chopra's musings on crystal unicorn guardian angels, BeliefNet has a fascinating article about the glaring abscence from this election's religion-politics debate. Hardly anybody "of faith" is breathing a word about the millions and millions of people living in poverty. Forget mercy, kindness and charity, in America's bizarre religious landscape of Xtreme Teen Bibles, stem cell research and anti-gay marriage rallies, the poor and the suffering have become irrelevent. For shame.

-The Sikh Geek is scared that John Titor DID exist