Friday, October 08, 2004

Is That Karl Rove In The Back Of Your Suit, Or Are You Just Happy To Debate? (Salon article here)

Same Story, Different Day After hitting a record high on Wednesday, oil prices hit a new record high on Thursday at $53 a barrel. Oil prices have surged up by 60% this year.

Why On Earth Does The Rest Of The World Think We're Gun-Crazed Lunatics?

If Only The Electorate Was Comprised Of Tenured Economics Professors... "In an informal poll of 100 academics, conducted by The Economist, Mr Bush's policies win low marks. More than 70% of the 56 professors who responded to our survey rate Mr Bush's first-term economic policies as bad or very bad. Fewer than 20% give positive marks to Mr Bush's second-term economic agenda, and almost six out of ten disapproved."

Ann Coulter Wandering Off The Reservation Watch Who forgot about the Coultergeist? As this Media Matters For America article details, MC No Shame's crush is still around and still crazy.
"Usually all you have to do is defend the United States of America. That enrages them (Democrats)."
"I think a baseball bat is the most effective way these days (to talk to liberals)."
"Kerry will improve the economy in the emergency services and body bag industry."
"Oh God, they're so stupid in New York!"

Buck Up America! We May Not Have The Most Tasteless TV In The World Afterall! David Beckham's alleged mistress has found herself in an uproar after jerking off a pig on a British reality show. (Brain-scarring photo after the jump)

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