Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Guess Who's Back?

"O'Reilly Factor" Producer Demands $60 Million To "Shut Up!"
I hate frivolous lawsuits just like George Bush, but a $60 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly is a gift from God. O'Reilly has preemptively sued his own Associate Producer, Andrea Mackris, after she demanded 60 million big ones to "keep quiet" on a sexual harassment charge. The lawsuit claims that the big, blotchy, bully suffered "great mental strain, anguish and severe emotional distress" over the whole ordeal and is seeking a unspecified amount. Can't wait to hear about this in the "No Spin Zone."

No Sikh Geek, Nevada Is The Worst State Ever
It's getting shady in here, so expunge the Democrats from your rolls! Dan Burdish, former head of the state Republican Party in Nevada, has been rebuffed by voting officials in his effort to purge 17,000 registered Democrats off the rolls. Burdish claimed that the voters were inactive, but Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax pointed out that "Burdish could only challenge voters in his precinct, and then only if he has personal knowledge that they are inactive." Something tells me Burdish doesn't have all 17,000 as his Friendster friends, and therefore doesn't know shit about their voting status. Those damn UN election monitors better clear their calendars for early November.

Sikh Geek, Would I Lie To You?
NV State Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins is launching an investigation into whether or not an organization called Voters' Outreach of America destroyed registration forms filled out by Democrats. Nevada is the new Florida.

--MC No Shame, ready to see Kerry deliver the KO tonight