Monday, October 04, 2004

Pulling Mussels From The Shell

Next The DailyKos Will Analyze Polling Stats From Area 54 HakujinJoe and myself watched an hour-long special on the History Channel last night called "Conspiracy!" about the various theories on the crash of TWA Flight 800. It made me think about how mainstream paranoid, conspiracy-think has become after September 11th. Now CNN is putting out articles describing the mainstream political worries of another October Surprise, 24 years after the original. Have conspiracies gone mainstream, or has the incredible amount of lies, spin and disinformation of the past four years dragged America to the fringe? WTF.

He Has Even Lost The Support Of Washed-Up Wackos From The Sixties...
Jerry Rubin (no, not THAT one) who has previously gone on hunger strikes to protest movie violence and war toys, is now refusing to eat until he gets a meeting with Ralph Nader and has a chance to talk sense to the GOP operative.

As In Drudging The Bottom For ANYTHING Does anyone know what this bullshit Matt Drudge piece is actually about?

But General.. Turds Cannot Be Polished! Sir! The Pentagon has announced that it wants more "upbeat reports" on Iraq and will "curtail" bad news. As troubling as deliberate propaganda is, I'm kinda interested to see how multiple carbombs can be spinned into a good light.

Blatant Cheap Shot Video clip of GW Bush drunk at a wedding after the jump.

-The Sikh "Peace Activist" Geek