Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"The very limit of human blindness is to glory in being blind."
-Saint Augustine

More From The Party Of Family Values Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ) and Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL), both of whom are married, got caught canoodling on the floor of the US House of Representatives as Rep. Rob Simmons talks about Iran's WMD program on C-SPAN.

Give Me A Fucking Break "Democrats say Rice and other officials like Treasury Secretary John Snow and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge have been making most of their federally paid trips in swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, all of which may be critical in deciding the outcome of the Nov. 2 election. The White House dismisses the criticism and insists Rice's speeches are not campaign events but reflect her responsibility to inform the public on national security issues."

To All The Dante-Heads Out There, What Level Of Inferno Will House Christopher Hitchens? Everyone's favorite bloated, alcoholic scumbag with a Slate column is bravely still carrying the torch of "Saddam's Terrorist Connections" to justify Bush and the war in Iraq. Cringe as Hitch plays Six-Degrees Of Kevin Bacon with low-level terrorists and an Iraqi dictator.

Making Milli Vanilli Look Like A Class Act Ashlee Simpson's dad has rushed to her defense claiming that acid-reflux was to blame for her SNL lip-synching disaster. Like a shamed and flacid dude during a one-night stand, Mr. Simpson swears that this is the first time she ever needed recorded assistance onstage, but was also quick to point out that every artist uses similar crutches. "Just like any artist in America, she has a backing track that she pushes so you don't have to hear her croak through a song on national television." How true sir.

Get Your War On!


-The Sikh Geek