Friday, October 15, 2004

And This Is Why He Is A God To The 18-34 Set
No transcipt just yet but be sure to either go to tomorrow, or any of the millions of blogs that are gonna go toally ape over this, to see John Stewart's comments on today's edition of Crossfire. Here's a sample: after Tucker Carlson asked Stewart a question concerning the maturity level of his show's content, Stewart asked, "How old are you?" "35", responded Carlson. To which Stewart said, "And you still wear a bow tie? Not that that means you're not intelligent, because those things are hard to tie." That was the KINDEST thing he said the entire time. You've never seen professional pundits look so uncomfortable on their own show. Fucking amazing.

UPDATE: Get the rush transcript of the show here.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: See the video fo the show here.

-MC No Shame