Saturday, October 16, 2004

Like A Mediocre High School Teacher Out With The Flu, Just Leaving You With A Bunch Of Videos

Terrifying Video Of Bush Via DailyKos "The clip is a 'thank you' message taped by Bush for the members of the Iraqi Survey Group. It hasn't been altered in any way. The fact he can barely finish his sentences should be a genuine cause for concern. This was no impromptu appearance, like his disastrous press conferences and debate appearances. This was a planned, scripted, recorded address.I'm starting to think rumors of Bush's ill health may have basis in reality. Watch the clip and decide for yourself. It clearly made a stir amongst the members of the ISG."

Best Reworking Of Schoolhouse Rock Since That Blind Melon "3" Song An incredible animated homage to Schoolhouse Rock and Noam Chomsky that details the history of imperialism (and modern America's massive role in it) all worked around a quote from Saint Augustine(!!!) that compared pirates to emporers. Fantastic.

A Fear-Filled Storm To Terrorize An amazing montage video that compiles all of the fear-invoking phrases used at the Republican National Convention in NY.

-The Sikh Geek