Thursday, October 07, 2004

Out Of The Woods And Into The Deeper Woods

The True Counsel Of A Christian President Ronald Reagan's personal star-reader and the woman once called "The Astrologer Who Runs the White House," Joyce Jillson, passed away on Friday after complications from kidney failure.

No WMD Stockpiles In Iraq
Shocking and hidden information that could have only been gained by listening to CIA, DOD or UN information in early 2003... "Contradicting the main argument for a war that has cost more than 1,000 American lives, the top U.S. arms inspector reported Wednesday that he found no evidence that Iraq produced any weapons of mass destruction after 1991. He also concluded that Saddam Hussein's weapons capability weakened during a dozen years of U.N. sanctions before the U.S. invasion last year."

Late-Seventies Revival Not Limited To Shitty New Wave Acts From Brooklyn W is this season's Jimmy Carter (without the commitment to human rights). In addition to hostages in the Middle East, oil has been hitting a new record high every week. $52 a barrel and counting...

-The Sikh Geek