Wednesday, May 12, 2004

You're Right MC No Shame, That IS Some Shit

The Visual Political-Metaphor For The Day Is...

Fishing With A Shotgun.

Jihad, More a "State of Mind"
This excellent article from Foreign Policy does much to dispel the myths about an Al-Qaida we think of as an Osama-headed, world conquering global terrorist network. Much like radical environmental groups like the Earth Liberation Front, Al-Qaida is more of an ideology that a multitude of groups can tag on to when performing terrorist activities and not at all like a business or militaristic model with Osama giving orders at the head. What does that mean? That in some ways Al-Qaida is more dependent on hatred of the West and nihilistic despair than soldiers or leaders. And what does that mean? With an American government hell-bent on invading and sanctioning countries, and who couldn't find the Arab Street with a roadmap, Al-Qaida will be growing in the future, Osama or not.

And You Graduated With Top Honors From Discount Internet College, LLC? Impressive. Over two dozen senior federal officials have bogus college degrees according to congressional investigators, and some have even gotten their "degree mill" diplomas on the taxpayer's dime. To think I looked up to those Harward graduates...

Narcoleptics at the Wheel
"A British Muslim trained to be a 9-11 hijacker told an FBI counterterrorism taskforce in 2000 of a plot by terrorists to fly passengers planes into buildings, but the agents did not believe him." (And yes, I DO feel dirty for sourcing WorldNetDaily.)

From USN&WR It was the lead item on the government's daily threat matrix one day last April. Don Emilio Fulci described by an FBI tipster as a reclusive but evil millionaire, had formed a terrorist group that was planning chemical attacks against London and Washington, D.C. That day even FBI director Robert Mueller was briefed on the Fulci matter. But as the day went on without incident, a White House staffer had a brainstorm: He Googled Fulci. His findings: Fulci is the crime boss in the popular video game Headhunter. "Stand down," came the order from embarrassed national security types.

And Now The Bastard's Family Is Trying To Cockblock Our Freedom Tower

-The Sikh Geek