Tuesday, May 25, 2004

MLWL is Ready To Post Through The Seven-Year Tribulation

The Thin Line Between Patriotism and Nihilism When the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal hit, many of the small hometowns of the accused American soldiers were thrown into the spotlight. In a bizarre and horrible twist, one of these communities is celebrating the torturer and reviling the whistle-blower. "In Hyndman, 200 people turned out — almost 20 per cent of the population — to back (Spc. Jeremy)Sivits (who was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail for his role in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse), waving U.S. flags, wearing yellow ribbons, pledging allegiance to the flag with the local Boy Scout troop and singing 'American Gives Me Liberty, But Jesus Gives Me Love.'" There is no hero-worship for Spc. Joe Darby, the whistle-blower who drew attention to the abuse. Said one resident of Darby's town, "He should have kept his mouth shut. Ask him if he thinks it's cruel to have them dragging the bodies of our people up and down the street. Ask him if he thinks it's cruel hanging our people off the bridges. We should just blow the place up and get the hell out of there." God bless America.

Mercy for the Poor, the Hungry and the Superstores Wal-Mart has received over $1 billion dollars in government hand-outs in the form of free or reduced-priced land, job training funds, sales tax rebates, tax credits, infrastructure assistance, investment in roads, subsidies, and low-cost financing. Said a spokeswoman for the behemoth, ""We think the report in fact shows that the subsidies are a great thing for us. Do the math and you will see that every dollar invested with Wal-Mart has returned more than $30 for the community. We expect to see lots of other local governments will be asking for that $30 deal." That 30-1 ratio must explain the living wage of $6/hour that Wal-Mart employees receive and live so regally on.

I'm convinced that the right-wing is filled with massive pot-smokers. What else could explain their insane levels of paranoiaia? Witness this preview for an article in WhistleBlower about Democrats AKA "The Party of Treason.Apparentlyly Dems support gang-bangers, back fascists and terrorists, "steal elections" (God, THAT one took balls) and lost the Vietnam War. And Pat Boone, back from his astoundingly successful metal career, has just written a letter to WorldNetDaily in which he claims that CBS is worse than Benedict Arnold for reporting on the abuses at Abu Ghraib. "The next time America or Americans suffer at the hands of terrorists, thank CBS."

From the Same Folks Who Referred to A 12 Year-Old Chelsea Clinton As "The Other Dog in the White House"... The White House is asking the press to "show respect" for the Bush twins as they emergege from their protective bubbles and out into the real world. Those of us at the MLWL are glad to do our part.

-The Sikh Geek