Saturday, May 15, 2004

Fat-Bottomed Girls, You Make The Rocking World Go Round

Spring Break 2004! Abu Ghraib! WOOOOO! In addition to murdering prisoners, torturing them and putting them into gay pyramids, our brave soldiers at Abu Ghraib somehow found the time to make drunken licentious messes of themselves. The New York Post, in its standard dry and somber tone, describes the ocean of sex and alcohol that US soldiers drowned in at Abu Ghraib. "One of the female soldiers supposedly had sex in a gang bang," said Terry Stowe, an MP from California. "From time to time, things like this would happen." "There were lots of affairs. There was all kinds of adultery and alcoholism and all kinds of crap going on," said Dave Bischel, a National Guardsman with the 870th Military Police unit, who returned home from Abu Ghraib last month.

Now I'm Going to Download Music I Hate, Just to Spite the RIAA The RIAA's insane Red Scare over filesharing and other harmless technology from the past five years is still going strong. Where they once merely tried to sue children, now they are trying to win over their hearts and minds. Witness this summary from Disney's show "The Proud Family"...
The teenager Penny gets addicted to filesharing after she is shown the wonders of a Napster-like program called EZJackster.Crazed, she starts downloading all the music she ever wanted. Soon after, chaos erupts. Her favorite singer doesn't get his royalty check, her local record store goes out of business, the police come to her house and threaten to take her jail, and worst of all, her mom takes away her computer. Penny practically single-handedly destroys the U.S. economy before she finally sees that filesharing is wrong.
A recent report from the Harvard Business School shows that the music industry isn't getting hurt by downloading, and as this article from Kensai reports, a lot of the RIAA claims of "lost sales" are bullshit constructed from falsified figures and cooked books. Oh, and people aren't so quick to buy $20 cds of shitty, mediocre music.

Americans Still Scared of Big Words, Want Pictures to Look At This discussion between Greg Mitchell and Charles J. Hanley asks a great question that has gone unanswered over the past few weeks; "Where the hell was the press when details of abuse at Abu Ghraib first surfaced back in the fall?"

It Just Keeps Getting More Strange Years ago while on a bus in Oklahoma, recently beheaded contractor Nicholas Berg unknowingly lent his laptop to an acquaintance of Zacarias Moussaoui -- the only person publicly charged in the United States in connection with the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. Berg's email password was later used by Moussaoui. Bizarre. As Consider Arms said last night, it's like God ran out of cameo players and is staring to reuse them.

I Guess All The Nazi Comparisons Were Used Up While speaking to Vanderbilt's graduating class, Condi Rice compared Iraqi "terrorists" to the KKK. "Those terrorists failed because of the poverty of their visions — a vision of hate, inequality. ... And they failed because of the courage and sacrifice of all who suffered and struggled for civil rights." Perhaps Condi can take a hint from Consider Arms' friend Geroge, and just insinuate that the Iraqis are the Devil.

This Can't Be Good... American forces slightly damages the shrine of Ali, one of the holiest sites in Islam, and while Iraqi forces chanted "America is the enemy of God," the fighting spilled out into Najaf's vast cemetery adding a nice cinematic background of apocalyptic destruction to the whole fiasco.

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