Sunday, May 09, 2004

"We're talking about rape and murder here."

The Blame Snakes Up The Chain Orders to abuse Iraqi prisoners came from an American general according to an internal military report. The report by Major General Antonio Taguba also suggested that the events at Abu Ghraib had predecessors in Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan. So much for "collapse of command" or "isolated incident" copouts. This article from Reuters interviews members of the US Army who claim that "It is a common thing to abuse prisoners. I saw beatings all the time." Get the Army's report on the prison abuse through the Smoking Gun's website here.

When The Fuck Has CORN Ever Been Unhealthy? Researchers at UC Riverside have genetically modified corn to make it low-carb. I quit.

And Now Your "Best Of Carman" CD Is A Crime For Several Reasons The Gospel Music Association is starting a campaign to counter music piracy among lovers of suck-filled "praise" music after finding out that Christian teens are just as likely to engage in illegal downloading and cd copying as their godless and hellbound peers. Dig further into the site and you'll come across an article on "extreme discipleship" which I assume elaborates on Christ's "Ye shall be radical snowboarders of Truth" sermon.

It's Funny Because They Stole The Fucking Presidency in 2000 The Florida Secretary of State who oversaw the 2000 recount forgot to sign her absentee ballot in a local election leaving her vote uncounted.

-The Sikh Geek