Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Jay-Z of Truth Giving a Pound To a Prince Charles of Sarcasm

Slacking With Slate
Slate digs out the juicy parts of Joseph Wilson's new 514-page book, The Politics of Truth.

Forget whatever metrosexualized Manhattan slang term VH1 will try ato push this week. The word to learn, courtesy of the photolog Conscientious, is Schreibtischtäter. "There's a German word less well known than Schadenfreude, but pretty much equally powerful. It's Schreibtischtäter and it means somebody who is involved in something but instead of doing it actively he's "just" doing administrative work or, if he's in that kind of position, he's advocating the cause. (Schreibtischtäter is (roughly) pronounced sh-ripe-tish-tater with "ripe" like in "ripe", "tish" like "dish" with a "t'" instead of a "d", and "tater" like "later" with a "t" instead of an "l")."

Russ Kick Kicking Ass Newsweek does an article on the man behind The Memory Hole and many of the Disinformation books who scored a major media coup by obtaining photos of military coffins through a simple Freedom of Information Act request. It's exciting to see a journalist stay so independent and still effect the mainstream media more than the plagerizing hacks in the nation's major newsrooms.

-The Sikh Geek