Friday, May 28, 2004

Seriously, Steven Baldwin, What The Fuck?!

1 Of Every 75 Men In The US Are In Prison America now has almost 2.1 million inmates in prison, about a 3% increase from last year according to the Justice Department. The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Cat-fearer john Ashcroft sees this as a good sign, "It is no accident that violent crime is at a 30-year low while prison population is up. Violent and recidivist criminals are getting tough sentences while law-abiding Americans are enjoying unprecedented safety." I tend to think that if a society needs to keep millions of people in prison and on probation, something is critically wrong with it.

The RIAA Strikes Another Blow For Freedom
After making its point with the elderly and pre-teen girls, the RIAA is now suing a struggling single mother and threatening her with penalties that top $500,000. What was the crime committed by this poor mill worker? Her daughter downloaded music. According to Stanley Pierre-Louis, senior vice president for legal affairs for the RIAA, if a defendant is found to have committed a violation (downloaded an MC Hammer song) "in a willful manner," he or she can be fined $150,000 per song.

We Won't Stop You. Secede. According to World Net Daily, the Christian secessionist movement Christian Exodus has been swamped with feedback after their plan to form their own country and leave the United States was publicized. Hundreds of sympathizers have contacted the group's president Cory Burnell, and those of us at the MLWL continue to pledge our support. If you need anything Cory, just holla.

No, Really. Secede. Dr. Gene Howard is a Baptist preacher who impersonates John Wayne when preaching about patriotism and Christ. He even speaks with a big ring rifle to show the connection between "the parts of the rifle and the qualities of a good soldier of the Lord." "After hearing this message every time one sees a rifle he is reminded that there is no Honorable Discharge from God’s Army, and as Dr. Howard does his poem “'Remember the Alamo'” we are challenged to stand fast as the defenders stood on the walls of the Alamo, till the Lord comes for us."

-The Sikh Geek